Angels of Zeruel

...when angels go down to touch the earth, they end up touching the lives of all

Matsumoto Aiba // RPG character, Konoha no Monogatari
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Nicknames: Ai-kun/Aiba-chun [Kyra], Aiba [Kyr], Matsumoto-san [everybody]

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Status: Gennin

Strengths: his voice (really awesome singing voice), his patience, his handsome face, his quick hands...damn hands can do anything in a matter of seconds! (okay stop thinking dirty things now...i mean it..stop), his family, his ability to control and hold his temper

Weakness: Kyra, Taijutsu, books, in..north, south, west, east..he gets easily confused, his’s too damn long..>__>, his family

Specialty:Genjutsu, healing/medic jutsus

Weapons: Shuriken, kunai, needles


character reference: Dark Angel from DN Angel

alterations: none

He wears his hinae-ate around his that dude who wears his hinae-ate on his arm..XD


Silent..a bit aloof..only talks to Kyra most of the time...sometimes to Kyr..only when Kyr talks to him..>___>

He has a very very long patience to the point that some mean people push him around.

He’s not dense. He knows all the girls in the academy likes him but he just ignores them as he finds them “troublesome” (sorry..lack of better words...>_____>) and besides..he’s got his eyes set on Kyra.

Really friendly once you get to know him.


He is the only boy in their family. when his father died ten years ago he took it upon himself to take care of his family. He loves his sisters very much even if they push him around and treat him like a servant.

He is Kyra’s bestfriend and because of that, he decided to enter the ninja academy late than most of kids his age because he wanted to wait for Kyra.

He is one of the academy’s heartthrobs, one of the academy’s top 5 students. However, he chose to specialize on healing/medic techniques as he wants to search for a way to “cure” Kyra.


.+. He loves books, he goes all sparkly and hyper when he sees bookstores having book sales..o___O;
.+. He’s allergic to seafood.

Kyra // RPG character, Konoha no Monogatari
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Nicknames:Kyra-chan [aiba], angel [Kyr], Kyra-sama/Kyra-douno [everybody], neko-chan [rookie 9]

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Status: Gennin

Strengths: her agility and speed, her capability to sense her surroundings and chakra signatures within a 10-mile radius, her ability to keep people from discovering her disability, her memory, her sarcasm, her innocent-looking baby face (she looks like a ten year old), her friends and her brother

Weakness: well for one thing, she’s blind (though she has the ability to sense everything around her she still can’t say what only the eyes can describe...things like color, printed materials, prints/ designs), her sarcasm, her allergies, her friends, her brother and her two biggest weaknesses: Rain and Spring. Rain lessens the ability of her five senses, and Spring...well...she can’t work that well on spring because of the pollens,

Specialty: Ninjutsu (wind), Summoning Technique (Cats), Kanashibari no Jutsu (Temporary Paralysis Technique)(Kyr’s family bloodline limit), Copy Cat Technique (her original family’s bloodline technique)

Weapons: Shuriken, kunai and a pole for a secondary weapon, kinda like Son Goku’s (from Gensoumaden Saiyuki) pole, only...Kyra’s pole doesn’t extend or bend...\(^^,)/


She has bluish/purplish hair that reaches her ankles. She usually keeps it untied, but during missions she ties them up in two buns which resemble Usagi Tsukino’s (Sailormoon) hairstyle.

She has pupil-less bright red eyes.

She wears her hinae-ate around her a belt..^^


Semi-silent..she only speaks once spoken to or when the situation bores her..however she could be very sarcastic.

She is dense when it comes to anything that has got to do with emotions involving romantic love.


She and her older brother Kyr are orphans, their parents died in a freaky final-destination-accident kind of way. She was born blind and ever since her brother vowed to be her eyes. However, being the nice little sister she is, she secretly trained all her other five senses to be keen and can be equaled to none, except when it rains.

No one else but her brother and Aiba knows that she is blind. Because of her enhanced senses she can detect people and even non-living objects within a 5-mile radius. She can also detect chakra signatures within a 10-mile radius. She can also detect emotions through a person’s heartbeat.

She also has a keen memory as she can memorize a whole book. In order to keep her disability, her brother reads her textbooks to her and she memorizes them, so when a teacher asks her to read from a certain book, she could easily recite the whole page out of memory, giving the illusion of her reading it from the book.

She was suppose to graduate along with Naruto and the others but she entered the ninja academy one year later than she was suppose to. She is Naruto, Shikamaru and Chouji’s childhood friend and they have been really close since then. She is friends with everyone from Naruto’s batch and everyone from that batch calls her neko-chan.

Her brother trained her since she was able to walk and understand instructions. Her brother raised her to become like him, merciless, alert and be good at everything she does. He also taught her to finish every instruction by all means, even if involves killing and sacrificing, and to never have any weakness.

For a time she was like that. Not putting in to consideration the feelings, lives of people around her, but, ever since she became teammates with Yuujiro and Hotaruya, and Kotani became her sensei she became a bit more compassionate towards life..a bit..but atleast she no longer has the tendency go on a blind killing spree anymore..XD Now her weaknesses include her friends and her brother and some other stuff...XD

When she was still a baby, she was found abandoned by Kyr’s parents in the outskirts of Konoha. She is the last living member of a clan with a bloodline limit a bit similar to Sharingan, but instead of copying movements and jutsus, she can copy atleast 40-50% of any bloodline technique.


.+. She’s allergic to any food that’s not processed naturally. (eg. Junk food, instant noodles,
instant anything, hotdog..etc.)
.+. She’s also allergic to pollen actually..but most flowers have them
so..yeah..o___O; She can’t work properly during the spring time because of the high pollen
.+. Some of the techniques Kyra is expert at:

Nawanuke no Jutsu (Rope Escape Technique)
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Change of Body Technique)
Bunshin no Jutsu (Art of the Doppelganger)
Tsaka Konbi Henge (Combination Transformation)
Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Cutting Whirlwind Technique)
Daikamaitachi no Jutsu (Great Cutting Whirlwind Technique)
Kaze no Yaiba (Blade of Wind)

Kyr // RPG character, Konoha no Monogatari
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Nicknames: Nichan/Aniki [Kyra] , Kyr [aiba] , Kyr-san [everybody]

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Status: Chunnin

Strenghts: Kyra, his ability to scare the hell out of his academy students and yet manage to be respected by them as well, his calligraphy...he writes like a girl (and now he’d kill me for that if he was real..XD)

Weakness: Kyra, his left hand, taijutsu, his minor heart ailment, his pride yo!,

Specialties: Ninjutsu (earth), Kanashibari no Jutsu (Temporary Paralysis Technique ~ bloodline limit)

Weapons: Shuriken, kunai


character reference: Dan (Dan as in former boyfriend of Tsunade)

alterations: pupil-less light purple eyes

He wears her hinae-ate the usual way, on is forehead.



He is suspicious of everyone that comes near her sister. When it comes to his sister’s friends, companions, he doesn’t trust anybody else but Aiba.

He believes in himself, in his skills and in his knowledge so much, it’s annoying.

He is serious and like her sister, he does not care what he does as long as it gets the job done.

He is merciless..period.

Dense to everything in the world except his sister.


His parents died in a freaky final-destination-accident kind of way, a few days after they adopted Kyra. After the accident he raised Kyra on his own.

He is of Chunnin level but he chose to teach at the academy. He didn’t want to go on dangerous missions only to die and leave is sister to live on her own.

He didn’t trust anyone who came near his sister, not even Naruto, Chouji and Shikamaru. Aiba is the first person he really trusted ever since Kyra and Aiba were kids. Through time, he was able to trust Kyra’s original childhood friends (Naru, Shika, Cho) and some of the rookie 9 as well.

He had a chance to become a jounin but turned it down because of the same reason stated before.


.+. During one of his missions he injured his left hand and since then, it’s been weaker than his
right hand.
.+. He’s somewhat in love with Kyra.
.+. He hates Kotani.
.+. He has a minor heart ailment, something that he got since birth. So no matter how good he is he’s still not that keen on physical agility/capability/strenght..or whatever it is that you call it..because he easily tires...>___>

Homura Shizu // RPG character, Konoha no Monogatari
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Nicknames: Shizu-sempai, Homura-sempai, Homura-obachan/Shizu-baba [Kohakumiko], Shizu-chan [other teachers], lazy bitch [Tsunade]

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Status: Jounin

Strenghts: her agility, her tactics, her skill in hand to hand combat

Weakness: Her right leg, sudden mood swings, her students, anxiety attacks, food, sexy pretty girls and hunky cute boys, Tsunade (she’s more of Shizu’s fears than weakness actually..>__>), her being oh so lazy, ninjutsu (she forgets which hand seal to use for particular a ninjutsu...but sometimes she does remember it...ahe..XP), her digestive system

Specialties: taijutsu

Weapons: shuriken, kunai


She has short platinum hair and lime green eyes.

She wears her hinae-ate around her that character dude who does the same thing..XDD


Crazy weird ass lazy bitch..ahaha! she’s lazy..she’d rather sleep all day..but the weird thing is she’s strict when it comes to group missions.

She’d usually find ways to escape missions but when she loses to the almighty powers of whoever the Hockage is..(but most specially the Godaime..) she takes the mission and turns into a responsible alert woman ready to pounce on anything...including her students.>___>;

When she has anxiety attacks her mood changes...suddenly she’s serious, quiet and can’t talk to her and she has her own little world.


She used to be an anbu, but due to the accident that happened to her two years ago she begged to be lowered back to being a chunnin. The Sandaime Hockage didn’t allow it as “that level is too low for a ninja as capable as you are”, so she was brought back to being jounin instead. She doesn’t really mind because she hates “hockage’s-whims-only” or “protect-the-hockage” related missions. She’d rather flopped down on her sofa, eat a bag of chips and watch re-runs all day, either that or go to missions on her own.

She didn’t want to be a teacher to three gennins and for the last two years she’s been avoiding to take in students. When Tsunade became Hockage she didn’t have a choice.

She won’t admit it to anybody but she was traumatized of what happened to her failed mission two years ago.

And this is what happened,

Two years ago, when she was still an anbu, an accident happened. She was in command of a team of 8. Due to wrong information and certain uncontrollable situations, more than half of her team died during the mission. There were three survivors left, including her.

During that mission, she didn’t lose her life but she did lose her right foot and it was amputated and replaced by a peg leg, no I’m just kidding, a wooden, movable leg. Nobody else knew about it that time except for the hospital’s staff and some other few people. She didn’t want people to know but eventually they did.

She was really traumatized and she didn’t want to take on a “teaching” job in a way that she’ll be taking three gennins as her students and go with them on missions. She kept on making her wooden leg as an excuse but Tsunade scared the hell out of her and told her that things like that shouldn’t hinder her from being the skilled nin that she is. She eventually she agreed to take in three extraordinary students.

However, sometimes she still remembers the events of that day and when that happens she is incapable of doing anything. Trapped in her world of traumatic memories, she shuts herself from the world. No one could reach into her when she’s in her “emo mode”.

She’s good in all ninja techniques, if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be an anbu in the first place, but she does specialize in hand to hand combat...she’d rather see your face in pain up close and personal.


.+. She’s bisexual. She has major crush on Kakashi and on Kotani. (dear Ra..she considers Kakashi “hunky” O_O the world is ending..>__>..XDDD)
.+. She hates taking missions ranked higher than C because she fears for her students’ well being.
.+. She’s allergic to dogs, to ramen, to hotdogs. She’s also allergic to dust that’s why no matter how lazy she is, she’s forced to clean her room every week or else she dies from allergy attacks...>____>
.+. Her digestive system is a bit wonky. She burns the energy she gets from food like it was paper. That’s why she has to eat every now and then or else she’ll get weak. Her body also can’t tell if she’s already hungry or not, that’s why she eats her 3 important meals on a specific time, her watch’s alarm going off every 7am for breakfast, 12pm for lunch and 8pm for dinner.

Asuki Kohakumiko // RPG character, Konoha no Monogatari
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Nicknames: Kohakumiko-chan [Kyra], Koko/Koko-chan [Yuujiro and Shizu-sensei], Kohaku-chan [everybody]

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Status: Gennin

Strenghts: her agility, her amazing gift of gab, her beauty and cuteness (hey..her “cute/seduction technique” usually works! XD), her optimism in life

Weakness: Taijustu, Yuujiro, death, blood, her asthma, her temper, her amazing gift of gab, her speed...she could be too damn slow...>__>

Specialties: Ninjutsu (fire)

Items/ weapons: Shuriken, kunai


She has shoulder-lenght semi-curly red hair and blue eyes, the same hue as Naruto’s. She keeps her hair in a ponytail with bangs that usually falls on the sides of her head.

She wears her hinae-ate like a sakura..^^


Very bouncy. Very blatant when it comes to her love for Yuujiro. A bit of a loudmouth but not as obnoxious as some other obnoxious people. (*cough*yuujiroandnaruto*cough*)

She loves to torture her prisoners but the weird thing about her is that she has high respect for life. She never kills anybody, but she does torture them...>__>


When she was still five, Yuujiro saved her from a pack of wolves when she got lost in the forest. Ever since that day, she had a major crush on Yuujiro and vowed to make him marry her someday.

She has one younger brother whom she hates so much (though she won’t admit it to anyone but she does love the brat).

Aside from that there’s nothing much to say...she’s just your average optimistic gennin. ^^

She is also one of the academy’s heartthrobs.


.+. She hates their sensei.
.+. She’s clumsy and ditzy.
.+. She’s allergic to cats.
.+. She can cook really good.
.+. When her asthma attacks, she cannot do anything, she is useless. Unless she receives proper medication and rest.

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