Angels of Zeruel

...when angels go down to touch the earth, they end up touching the lives of all

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Matsumoto Aiba // RPG character, Konoha no Monogatari
fai+mokona > happiness
angel_zeruel wrote in angelsofzeruel
Nicknames: Ai-kun/Aiba-chun [Kyra], Aiba [Kyr], Matsumoto-san [everybody]

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Status: Gennin

Strengths: his voice (really awesome singing voice), his patience, his handsome face, his quick hands...damn hands can do anything in a matter of seconds! (okay stop thinking dirty things now...i mean it..stop), his family, his ability to control and hold his temper

Weakness: Kyra, Taijutsu, books, in..north, south, west, east..he gets easily confused, his’s too damn long..>__>, his family

Specialty:Genjutsu, healing/medic jutsus

Weapons: Shuriken, kunai, needles


character reference: Dark Angel from DN Angel

alterations: none

He wears his hinae-ate around his that dude who wears his hinae-ate on his arm..XD


Silent..a bit aloof..only talks to Kyra most of the time...sometimes to Kyr..only when Kyr talks to him..>___>

He has a very very long patience to the point that some mean people push him around.

He’s not dense. He knows all the girls in the academy likes him but he just ignores them as he finds them “troublesome” (sorry..lack of better words...>_____>) and besides..he’s got his eyes set on Kyra.

Really friendly once you get to know him.


He is the only boy in their family. when his father died ten years ago he took it upon himself to take care of his family. He loves his sisters very much even if they push him around and treat him like a servant.

He is Kyra’s bestfriend and because of that, he decided to enter the ninja academy late than most of kids his age because he wanted to wait for Kyra.

He is one of the academy’s heartthrobs, one of the academy’s top 5 students. However, he chose to specialize on healing/medic techniques as he wants to search for a way to “cure” Kyra.


.+. He loves books, he goes all sparkly and hyper when he sees bookstores having book sales..o___O;
.+. He’s allergic to seafood.


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