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Homura Shizu // RPG character, Konoha no Monogatari
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Nicknames: Shizu-sempai, Homura-sempai, Homura-obachan/Shizu-baba [Kohakumiko], Shizu-chan [other teachers], lazy bitch [Tsunade]

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Status: Jounin

Strenghts: her agility, her tactics, her skill in hand to hand combat

Weakness: Her right leg, sudden mood swings, her students, anxiety attacks, food, sexy pretty girls and hunky cute boys, Tsunade (she’s more of Shizu’s fears than weakness actually..>__>), her being oh so lazy, ninjutsu (she forgets which hand seal to use for particular a ninjutsu...but sometimes she does remember it...ahe..XP), her digestive system

Specialties: taijutsu

Weapons: shuriken, kunai


She has short platinum hair and lime green eyes.

She wears her hinae-ate around her that character dude who does the same thing..XDD


Crazy weird ass lazy bitch..ahaha! she’s lazy..she’d rather sleep all day..but the weird thing is she’s strict when it comes to group missions.

She’d usually find ways to escape missions but when she loses to the almighty powers of whoever the Hockage is..(but most specially the Godaime..) she takes the mission and turns into a responsible alert woman ready to pounce on anything...including her students.>___>;

When she has anxiety attacks her mood changes...suddenly she’s serious, quiet and can’t talk to her and she has her own little world.


She used to be an anbu, but due to the accident that happened to her two years ago she begged to be lowered back to being a chunnin. The Sandaime Hockage didn’t allow it as “that level is too low for a ninja as capable as you are”, so she was brought back to being jounin instead. She doesn’t really mind because she hates “hockage’s-whims-only” or “protect-the-hockage” related missions. She’d rather flopped down on her sofa, eat a bag of chips and watch re-runs all day, either that or go to missions on her own.

She didn’t want to be a teacher to three gennins and for the last two years she’s been avoiding to take in students. When Tsunade became Hockage she didn’t have a choice.

She won’t admit it to anybody but she was traumatized of what happened to her failed mission two years ago.

And this is what happened,

Two years ago, when she was still an anbu, an accident happened. She was in command of a team of 8. Due to wrong information and certain uncontrollable situations, more than half of her team died during the mission. There were three survivors left, including her.

During that mission, she didn’t lose her life but she did lose her right foot and it was amputated and replaced by a peg leg, no I’m just kidding, a wooden, movable leg. Nobody else knew about it that time except for the hospital’s staff and some other few people. She didn’t want people to know but eventually they did.

She was really traumatized and she didn’t want to take on a “teaching” job in a way that she’ll be taking three gennins as her students and go with them on missions. She kept on making her wooden leg as an excuse but Tsunade scared the hell out of her and told her that things like that shouldn’t hinder her from being the skilled nin that she is. She eventually she agreed to take in three extraordinary students.

However, sometimes she still remembers the events of that day and when that happens she is incapable of doing anything. Trapped in her world of traumatic memories, she shuts herself from the world. No one could reach into her when she’s in her “emo mode”.

She’s good in all ninja techniques, if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be an anbu in the first place, but she does specialize in hand to hand combat...she’d rather see your face in pain up close and personal.


.+. She’s bisexual. She has major crush on Kakashi and on Kotani. (dear Ra..she considers Kakashi “hunky” O_O the world is ending..>__>..XDDD)
.+. She hates taking missions ranked higher than C because she fears for her students’ well being.
.+. She’s allergic to dogs, to ramen, to hotdogs. She’s also allergic to dust that’s why no matter how lazy she is, she’s forced to clean her room every week or else she dies from allergy attacks...>____>
.+. Her digestive system is a bit wonky. She burns the energy she gets from food like it was paper. That’s why she has to eat every now and then or else she’ll get weak. Her body also can’t tell if she’s already hungry or not, that’s why she eats her 3 important meals on a specific time, her watch’s alarm going off every 7am for breakfast, 12pm for lunch and 8pm for dinner.


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