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Angels of Zeruel

...when angels go down to touch the earth, they end up touching the lives of all

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Hey everyone...uhm..this community is closed..meaning i will not let anybody join it...after all, all entires will be made public..you can just add it to your friend's list and watch it for future postings of character profiles..^^


Well basically because it's not actually a community..it's a place where in can dump the profiles of my original characters...so when anybody who read my stories over at angel_zeruel would like to know who my original characters are, I could point them here instead of pointing them to tagged entries from my creative writing journal..so..

welcome and I hope you'd enjoy learning the personalities of the characters I created..^^

By the way...every character profile will be posted in the following format

Title bar: [Full name of character] // [what story/fanfic s/he belongs]

(right pronunciation if any)

~ angel_zeruel

I write...

People are awed to see young writers, regularly telling them that what they do is amazing and saying how hard it must have been. Hard? What could be hard in writing something? Sometimes people think that being able to write a story or to write anything at all is very tedious because of all the construction of events, delivery of the events, grammar, spelling and for fictions, creation of bent reality. But you see writing should be spontaneous and should not be forced, so it shouldn’t be hard at all. Writing is hard only when you force the ideas out of your head, letting the ideas flow would result to a great written piece, and creation of these masterpieces are made through the help of inspirations. Inspirations come from one’s hopes and dreams, therefore a pen and paper is worthless to a person who does not know how to hope. Words are meaningless when one does not know how to use them to create an image of their dreams. Every written composition is a piece of the writer’s being, therefore one must not write just for the heck of it, but rather for the love of it. Now this I tell you and this is the truth, I write not just because I think, I write because I dream.

~ Riwa ^^


moonlight confessions (freya) lay-out by stormfaerie
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