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Asuki Kohakumiko // RPG character, Konoha no Monogatari
fai+mokona > happiness
angel_zeruel wrote in angelsofzeruel
Nicknames: Kohakumiko-chan [Kyra], Koko/Koko-chan [Yuujiro and Shizu-sensei], Kohaku-chan [everybody]

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Status: Gennin

Strenghts: her agility, her amazing gift of gab, her beauty and cuteness (hey..her “cute/seduction technique” usually works! XD), her optimism in life

Weakness: Taijustu, Yuujiro, death, blood, her asthma, her temper, her amazing gift of gab, her speed...she could be too damn slow...>__>

Specialties: Ninjutsu (fire)

Items/ weapons: Shuriken, kunai


She has shoulder-lenght semi-curly red hair and blue eyes, the same hue as Naruto’s. She keeps her hair in a ponytail with bangs that usually falls on the sides of her head.

She wears her hinae-ate like a sakura..^^


Very bouncy. Very blatant when it comes to her love for Yuujiro. A bit of a loudmouth but not as obnoxious as some other obnoxious people. (*cough*yuujiroandnaruto*cough*)

She loves to torture her prisoners but the weird thing about her is that she has high respect for life. She never kills anybody, but she does torture them...>__>


When she was still five, Yuujiro saved her from a pack of wolves when she got lost in the forest. Ever since that day, she had a major crush on Yuujiro and vowed to make him marry her someday.

She has one younger brother whom she hates so much (though she won’t admit it to anyone but she does love the brat).

Aside from that there’s nothing much to say...she’s just your average optimistic gennin. ^^

She is also one of the academy’s heartthrobs.


.+. She hates their sensei.
.+. She’s clumsy and ditzy.
.+. She’s allergic to cats.
.+. She can cook really good.
.+. When her asthma attacks, she cannot do anything, she is useless. Unless she receives proper medication and rest.


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